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Cars Selling - Tips & Hints

Clean the Vehicle

Clean the vehicle both inside and outor alternatively have the vehicle professionally detailed. Good first impressions go along way to getting the best price.

Value of Your Vechicle

Checking ads online for similar used cars for sale can give you an idea about generally prevailing market price for your vehicle. Find out information about their mileage, condition, engine and price in order to get a general idea. It should be noted that private listing prices will be different from those given by dealers, as they are commission inclusive

Advertisement and Marketing

Consider your advertisement wording carefully.Describe the car as accurately as possible. Take care how you word your advert. Don’t make claims that can’t be backed up and keep the wording down to 20 or 30 words maximum.

Marketing is one of the key aspects of making a successful sale. Place your ad in local newspapers, on online media and spread a word of mouth that you are looking for a buyer for your car. Giving a good picture of the product in the ad will enhance your chances of finding a suitable buyer

Make Sure all Registration, Insurance documents Ready

Before you can start advertising for it, you should ensure all records are complete; all paper work and legal formalities are done. This is important because prospective buyers will for sure check the car history and background, so you must make things clear at your end beforehand. Although these formalities can be a great hassle when it comes to used cars for sale, taking the pain is worth it

Always expect the buyer to haggle on the price. Build in a margin for haggling in your asking price. This way both parties will be happy with the final deal.

Get Car History Check

Get a full history check of your vehicle from Car History. This will give the buyer the full history of the car and piece of mind that the vehicle hasn’t been written off,stolen, has finance owning and much more

Prepare for a test drive.The potential buyer will almost always request a test drive. Before you let anyone test drive your car: